Based in Vero Beach, Florida, we are innovative company focused on providing safe, beautiful products that engages your senses in the most luxurious way. Creating uniquely distinct experiences beginning with sense of smell to inspire thought and feelings.

Completely free of all harmful toxins, eco-friendly and sulphate-free, safety and efficacy are extremely important to us, that is why all our products are made only with the purest, premium essential ingredients and natural essences.

Our natural and luxurious goods are made locally and sold directly to the consumer. We dedicate our time to creating visually stunning but most importantly safe, affordable products for you.

Meet ChrisM. Boutique Founder

The inspiring true story of Chris, a young son whose world is shaken up after discovering that his much loved mother has been diagnosed with cancer, his commitment to helping and supporting her through her treatment and his tireless determination to finding out the possible cause of her illness.

Chris’s strength and persistence result in him creating a brand of products both human and environmentally friendly dedicated to his mom Mina.