London Body Hydrator

Foster My Body’s fast absorbing Body Hydrator with it’s unique blend of natural essences and organic extracts will beautifully hydrate your body while gently attracting moisture from the environment, leaving you with silky smooth, deeply alluring, freshly fragranced skin.


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Hours of hydration…

Nourish your skin: Extracts of Argan oil from the depths of south western Africa will condition and repair your skin while Honey draws moisture from the air and locks it into the layers aiding in long-lasting hydration.

Protect your skin: Infusions of Green tea and Coconut oil will nurture and protect your skin while Shea butter enhances it’s healthy appearance. Result: Deeply alluring, silky smooth skin

The power of London: Tones of blood orange, peach, neroli, pepper and musk will float through the air and cling to your skin enveloping it in an enchanting aroma.

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Ingredient What Is it What does it do
100% Pure Argan Oil Argan Oil is extracted from the nut of the Argan tree. Argan Oil is loaded with Vitamin E for conditioning and repairing properties.
Green Tea Extract Derivative from green tea leaves Beneficial in nurturing skin and can kill bacteria and inhibit certain viruses
Wheat Germ Oil Extracted from the germ of the wheat kernel. Wheat germ is packed with important B vitamins, such as folate, vitamin B1 (thiamin) and vitamin B6.
Water A transparent, colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquid Holds ingredients all together
Coconut Oil An edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconuts harvested from the coconut palm. Anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, and antioxidants which protect your skin.
Glycerin A sugar alcohol Slows the loss of moisture from a product during use.
Steric Adcid A white, waxy, natural acid found in animal and vegetable fats derrived from palm. Stearic Acid to your lotion acts as a thickening agent
Glyceryl Stearte The natural glyceryl ester from stearic acid derived from palm kernel, vegetable or soy oil. It has been shown to protect skin from free-radical damage as well.
Emu Oil Emu oil is developed from the prehistoric Emu. Contains vitamins A and E, oleic acid and terpines.
Cetyl Alcohol A fatty alcohol derived from plants (palm oil-palmityl alcohol). Not derived from sperm whale oil. Works as an emollient, emulsifier, thickener and carrying agent for other ingredients.
Phenoxyethanol An oily, slightly viscous liquid with a faint rose-like odor. Slows down microbial growth, and thus protects cosmetics and personal care products from spoilage.
Caprylyl Glycol Derived from caprylic acid—a natural fatty acid found in palm and coconut oils. A skin conditioning agent
Tocopherol The chemical name for vitamin E. Vitamin E has been shown to help with the growth of hair as well as preventing hair loss.
Citric Acid Anatural preservative/conservative which occurs naturally in citrus fruits Added to help adjust the acid/base balance.
Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract Produced from the leaves of the Rosmarinus officinalis plant. Kills micro organisms, or prevent or inhibit their growth and reproduction.
Organic Palm Butter Palm butter, a rendering of oil palm fruit Palm butter is a natural (non-hydrogenated) stearin fraction of palm fat that is a solid butter at room temperature Palm butter may be used in formulas to aid in free radical scavenging, cell regeneration, and to assist in moisturizing after exposure to sun and other harsh elements.
Shea Butter A fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. Enhances the appearance and feel of hair.
Oatmeal Extract Extracted from Oats Soothes and helps healing burns and eczema. Also acts upon the top layers of the skin for an immediate tightening effect.
Honey A sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. Draws moisture from the air into the skin and ensures it's retained it in the layers where it's needed most for penetrating, long-lasting hydration.
Essential Oils Natural oil obtained by distillation, fragranced from a plant or other source from which it was extracted Provides scent and aromatherapy
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