Memoire de Paris Hand Soap

Luxurious and a must-have for any bathroom, M.Boutique’s Hand Soap has been designed to remove dirt, grease and grime from your hands without leaving them dry and irritated.


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Luxury in a bottle…

Clean hands: Our chic formula infused with essential oils will leave your skin feeling clean, nourished and moisturized.

Easy to use: Produce a creamy lather with just a drop of soap using the handy pump dispenser and feel the smooth foamy formula gently clean your skin.

Result: Clean, fresh, soft hands.

Weight 1.250000 lbs
Ingredients What is it What does it do
Water A transparent, colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquid Holds ingredients all together
Caprylyl Glucoside Solubilizing non-ionic surfactant, obtained from renewable raw materials Natural and gentle substance that breaks up surface tension, removes grease, dirt and grime for a clean surface
Sodium Laureth Sulfate Surfactant and anionic detergent Foaming agent and surfactant
Coco Betaine Derivative of cocamide and glycine betaine, is a mild and safe ingredient made from coconut oil Foaming agent, surfactant, emulsifier, viscocity increasing agent, and conditioner
Essential Oils Natural oil obtained by distillation, fragranced from a plant or other source from which it was extracted Provides scent and aromatherapy
Food Grade Preservative Natural preservative Protects against chemical changes, decomposition, and microbial growth
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