Memoire de Paris Linen Mist

Perfect for adding freshness to clean linens, bedding and upholstery in your home or fragrance to your office or car, M.Boutique’s Linen Mist fragranced only with the highest quality essential oils will delightfully enhance any space in mere moments with it’s uplifting gentle mist.


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Arouse your senses…

Simply spray: Spray our must-have mist directly onto garments and linens as you iron, for fresh fabrics. Test a small corner or the inside seam on delicates first.

Home and away: M.Boutique’s Linen Mist is so versatile that you can use it at home, in the office or on your travels.

Aroma: Fresh notes of Bergamot coupled with sudden bursts of Linden and summer lilies refresh and delicately stimulate in seconds.

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Ingredients What is it What does it do
Water A transparent, colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquid Holds ingredients all together
Natural Emulsifiers Natural molecules that allow water and oil to mix properly Allows the mixture of water and oil to help product consistency
Essential Oils Natural oil obtained by distillation, fragranced from a plant or other source from which it was extracted Provides scent and aromatherapy
Food Grade Preservative Natural preservative Protects against chemical changes, decomposition, and microbial growth
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