We pay a large price for using modern conveniences, like cleaning products, shampoos, soaps. While these products wipe away dirt and grime, they leave behind harmful chemicals on our body and in the environment. The majority of home and bath products people use contain tons of hazardous chemicals that are proven to cause cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

M Boutique Bath & Body Products

This unfortunate fact hits close to home for my friend Chris. The youngest of 15 children, Chris was a typical “Mama’s boy”.  At age 7, he began working in the entertainment industry and traveled the world as a singer, dancer and acrobat. Throughout his life, his desire to succeed was always driven by his desire to make sure his mother was cared for both physically and financially. That’s why when he found out his mom was diagnosed with cancer, his world was turned upside down.

After her diagnosis, Chris did anything he could to help his mother. He began researching household cleaning products. He discovered they contain hazardous chemicals that directly link to cancer. Chris’s mother had worked for over 60 years cleaning homes and offices, so he was sure her frequent exposure to toxic chemicals led to her diagnosis. He researched tons of products for safety and efficiency. He learned if he wanted his mother to use efficient cleaning products that were safe for humans and the environment; he would need to create them himself.

Chris’s compelling story inspired the founding of M. Boutique. M. Boutique was founded to provide luxury home, bath and pet products that are human and environmentally friendly. M. Boutique products only contain natural ingredients taken from nature, which create unique aromas that are aesthetically pleasing. Our Foster my Body, Luxury by Nature, and Jorge at M. Boutique products contain the world’s purest essential oils and extracts.