What is it about spring that we love so much? The longer days and shorter nights? The warmer weather? Nature bursting back into life? or the explosions of color replacing those dull winter days?

For some it’s the sound of the birds singing and the sweet scent of flowers blooming and for others it’s the excitement of seeing hibernating animals come out to play and a walk through the woods among the wild flowers.

Spring is a beautiful season wherever you go but it’s particularly stunning in Paris.

Downtown, locals and their picnics start popping up in the parks, coffee is drunk in the open air, street markets and festivals provide entertainment under the serene blue skies and a stroll along the Seine is a must.

As you are taking in the charm of this romantic city, the fresh notes of Bergamot and bursts of Linden and summer lilies in the air will make you come alive. However, make your way further south and you’ll be hypnotized by the aroma from the lavender fields and the magnificent sights before you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like this everyday? To be inspired by those wonderful memories of France and bring them into your home? Of course it would, that’s why we have created two fabulous room sprays just for you…

Step 1: add scent to your surroundings!

Memoire de Paris Room Spray

Enjoy the fresh aroma of Bergamot coupled with bursts of Linden and summer lilies when you use our Memoire de Paris Room Spray. A gentle fragrance will fill your room and stimulate your senses while your body reaps the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. In just a couple of sprays, you’ll be back in Paris!

Magnificense de Paris Room Spray

The aroma of freshly harvested Lavender from the farms in the south of France blended with notes of grapefruit will relax you and relieve tension. Let the calming mists wash over you as you bask in this wonderful scent.

Step 2: Freshen up your fabrics!

Spring isn’t only in the air though, it can also be in your linens.

Add freshness to the clean linens, bedding and upholstery in your home. M.Boutique’s Linen Mist will delightfully enhance any space in mere moments with it’s uplifting gentle fragrance. Available in both Memoire de Paris and Magnificense de Paris scents; simply spray our must-have mist directly onto garments and linens as you iron, for instantly fresh fabrics.


It’s time to introduce spring into your home!