Health conscious lifestyle brand, M. Boutique ( ), has created a coveted collection of harsh chemical-free, luxury home, skin care, and lifestyle focused products for the entire family and their beloved pets. The elegant online boutique sells a wide range of products from candles and soap to fragrances and laundry detergents with the belief in being able to achieve ultra hygienic levels while skipping out on harmful additives and chemicals that the majority of commercial brands use. Founder Chris Foster started M. Boutique following his mother Mina’s Cancer diagnosis. Thus, M. Boutique was born, Foster’s human and environmentally friendly response to preventing others from experiencing similar health issues. Product prices range from $10 to $60.

M. Boutique features different lines of products such as their namesake M. Boutique, Luxury by Nature, Foster My Body, and Pets by Jorge. Each product within the M. Boutique product line is effective, yet gentle on the body and environment. Each and every product is carefully crafted and tested to ensure it’s quality standards.

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