Luxury Christmas Candles

Have you invited the family over for Christmas dinner? Then what better way to create a peaceful, inviting atmosphere in your home for them, than with our beautifully hand-poured scented candles.

Whether it’s an exquisitely decorated table, candles lighting up the stairway, a glowing fireplace or little flames flickering in your windows, our natural wax candles will bring joy to your home and warmth to your hearts.

Transform your dining table with our useful tips, some carefully chosen accessories and a touch of creativity and leave your guests gasping in awe at the fabulous festive sight before them.

Let’s concentrate on colors:

Earth colors: The scent of freshly picked fig with cedar wood undertones balanced with the elegance of amber, jasmine, bergamot and musk in our Bergamot Fig candles will make fantastic centerpieces on your Christmas dining table. Combine them with sprigs of evergreen, a few brown pine cones, some dried orange quarters or fresh oranges dotted with cloves to create that truly warming effect.

Warm colors: The sensational aroma of spicy, earthy violet undertones and bergamot in our Tuberose candle will not only create a calming and relaxing atmosphere but when teamed with Cedar clippings, a few acorns, pine cones, sprigs of holly and a couple of red apples or pears dotted here and there, will transform your Christmas table into a seasonal sensation.

Sparkling shades: The truly magnificent mood-harmonizing scent introduced in a woodsy, rose and pelargonium chord, strengthened by orange and amber in our Patchouli candle will add atmosphere to any dining table. Our beautiful candles teamed with sprigs of evergreen and sparkling accessories such as gold/silver sprayed pine cones, sprigs of holly and gold/silver bulbs (remember they’re not just for the tree!) will add that chic, modern touch.

White delight: The subtle notes of Linden blossom and white pepper in our elegant Jasmine candles will provoke a wonderfully peaceful environment for your guests. Add some cedar clippings/evergreen, some frosted pine cones, silver and white glittered ornaments and you’ll create a mini winter wonderland.

There are lots of ways to decorate the perfect Christmas table, you just need some creativity, a few Carefully chosen accessories and our wonderfully natural, long-burning, soy wax candles made from blended natural oils to create the perfect ambience!