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Today’s post is our first Monthly installment of Fragrance Of The Month.

Appropriately, Decembers’ fragrance is our newest to our candle line up…

Experience M Boutiques newest fragrance: Season

There is inspiration in everything around us but the sweet aroma of  Christmas markets is the inspiration for our newest fragrance. That warm, festive atmosphere of the holiday season is captured in this invigorating scent. Just like the first snowflake of winter can conjure up visuals as infinite as the thousands that promise to follow, our fragrance will take you back in time to memories experienced, and excite you for this celebratory season. Our Founder, Chris Foster, spent many December days strolling through some of the finest Christmas markets around the world.

In Berlin, sipping hot Glühwein, a traditional German cider…


In Paris, tasting the fine seasonal chocolates…

Experience M Boutiques newest fragrance: Season

Listening to a group of carolers in London. Their angelic voices created such a calming serenity, giving him a boost of Christmas joy.


Subtle cedar wood, tones support classic pine notes for a scent that is smooth yet strong. These powerful fragrances are sweetened by vanilla, patchouli, and orange blossoms. Add in a touch of cinnamon and clove and you have an aroma as inviting as a warm embrace. The first product we will have available in this exciting scent will be a candle. [Tweet “The seasons candle will be available online starting 12/19/14, and they are already a big hit!”]

Whether you’re in London, Paris, or Berlin, you can get inspired, make yourself smile, share everything you love, and enjoy this holiday season.