As we are constantly on the go, very little time is devoted to relaxation. In fact, with the continued hustle and bustle of everyday life your mind, your body and eventually even your health begins to break down. Emotional erosion inevitably occurs and the importance of what we actually do to counter these t­oxic stressors becomes more important than ever.

Awaken and recover this New Year. Resolve to truly care for both your body and your mind by allowing for the simple pleasures of “me time”. Uncoil and unwind after each long day, pursuing tranquility with abandon. Then, cascade into peace as you inhale the silk aromas of our Lavender Smoke candle.

Flowing fields breezily await you as citrus honey blossoms and lavender merge with exotic spices of clove and cinnamon, emboldened by gentle kisses of smoke and cedar.

Inhale, as the naturally uplifting properties of lavender essential oils effortlessly enable your body to heal itself. Its calming aromas reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, setting the stage for unparalleled and ultimate relaxation.

With our Lavender Smoke candle, everyday baths transform into a rejuvenating and gratifying day at the spa. Simple acts like lying in bed or spending a few minutes curled up by the fire become  therapeutic moments of repose.

Why? Lavender encompasses a wide range of documented powers and health benefits, from easing muscle pain to curing insomnia and healing burns. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits lavender can bring to your life:

  • For the mind – Lavender essential oil revitalizes your nervous system and eliminates fatigue and restlessness. Additionally mood is stimulated, along with mental activity and your ability to relax. Lavender is even used as a remedy for insomnia because it gently aids in falling asleep and improves the duration and quality of rest.


  • For the body – The easing aroma of lavender helps relieve headaches, migraines and other aches and pains. Lavender also works wonders for your digestive system. It relaxes the lining of your digestive tract, aids the mobility of the intestine, and boosts the production of gastric juices needed to treat indigestion and stomach pain.


  • For the skin – Additionally, lavender provides many benefits for your skin as well.  The essential oil is used to treat a variety of skin issues, including acne, eczema, shingles, dry skin, sunburn and skin inflammation. Additionally, its strong antiseptic properties increase cell growth and help form scar tissue, making lavender an excellent remedy for healing cuts, wounds and burns.

So you see, stress adversely impacts our body, our mind and even our soul. Recovery is essential, without which anxiety continues to build, creating even more tension and  toxicity. Start 2015 off right, resolving once and for all, to make the most of each moment given. Delight in serenity and sweet repose as you enjoy the sophisticatedly smooth fragrance of Lavender Smoke by M Boutique.