Calling all pet parents: If you seriously want to spoil your fur baby in the grooming department, look no further than these indulgent products. We all enjoy being pampered, and dogs aren’t any different—no one knows this better than Jorge Bendersky. The dog groomer, who trims and fluffs the canines of celebrities in New York City, created a line of some pretty fancy beauty products that even the most finicky dog will love (and so will you).

Aside from making your pooch feel like a million bucks, protective pet parents can rest assured knowing they won’t be exposing their furry child to any harsh chemicals. Bendersky teamed up with M. Boutique, an all-natural home and fragrance brand, to make non-toxic grooming products more accessible to dog owners everywhere.

Instead of sulfate, parabens, and other potentially harmful ingredients, the formulas, which include a shampoo that already has Kerry Washington’s pup Josie’s seal of approval, a waterless cleanser (think of it as dry shampoo for dogs), and a paw therapy cream, are packed with nourishing vitamins and calming essential oils.

Want to make your dog feel extra special? Head to to see all of the products now.