There are many factors that contribute to dry dehydrated skin. During the summer months, even more factors are added into the mix. This article will discuss what each of these factors are and why it is important to keep your skin hydrated in the summer.

High Temperature – With the summer months comes higher temperatures the heat in the air tends to dry out your skin. Just think about what happens when you bake a cake for too long, eventually the cake will lose its moisture and become dry. The same thing happens to your skin if you do not take care of it. M. Boutique’s Body Hydrating Lotion uses natural essential oils and extracts to keep your skin hydrated.

High Humidity – Summer months are not only hot, but in some places very humid. The humidity is not good for your skin at all. The humidity in the air slowly draws the moisture from your skin leaving it dry and dehydrated. Keeping a skin lotion like, M. Boutique’s Body Hydrating Lotion, on you can easily keep your skin from being drained of its moisture.

Intense UV Radiation – The UV rays are extra strong in the summer and people are more willing to expose themselves of UV rays in the summer as well. As we know, UV rays eventually burn the skin, results in not only damaged and injured skin, but extremely dry skin. Using a skin moisturizer will not only hydrate your skin, but it can also protect your skin from the harm of UV rays.

Heavy Air-Conditioning – When the summer heat arrives, the air conditioned rooms follow. Although necessary for comfortable living in the summer heat, heavily air conditioned rooms can cause your skin to dry. The prolonged exposure to the cold air will dry up your skin and leave it looking dehydrating and irritated. Even though you are escaping the heat, humidity, and harmful UV rays, make sure your moisturize while indoors as well.