In the world today, stores are filled with isles and aisles of what seems like an endless selection of household cleaning supplies. You may sometimes find yourself looking at all of the options and deciding on which is the best product when you should really be asking the question:

What is in these products?


You spend a lot of time getting your house to sparkle and smell clean. As the chemicals in your cleaning products give the home a nice gleaming look and sweet smell, it is also doing just as much, if not more, harm. The chemicals in your household cleaning products are polluting the indoor air in your home. Most people can smell the chemicals in the air. Even though that smell is synonymous with being clean, it is actually doing damage to your physical well-being.

Household cleaning products that use chemicals are more than likely poisonous if ingested. This is a scary thought, especially if you have children in the house that love you get into stuff. Some cleaners, such as corrosive drain and oven cleaners can cause burns on the eyes and skin and really do some damage if handled improperly.


Let’s not forget the environmental damage these products cause. After you clean your sinks and drains, those chemicals are then sent down the drain and you forget about them. However, the environment does not forget, as it is stuck dealing with them.The chemicals work their way through the sewer systems and find their way into treatment plants where they are then disposed into the worlds waterways and oceans.


Ask yourself this question. Why use a product that can cause so much harm to yourself and nature? Well the simple answer is that you don’t have to. Thankfully, there are products that clean the same way and leave your home smelling beautiful by using only the natural ingredients offered by Mother Nature.


M. Boutique’s line of household cleaning products are 100% free of any chemicals or toxins and use only natural ingredients from the finest materials from around the world.